New Releases

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MUSICA Mysteria Sacred
Voices  Lyrical Winds Strings
Piano voice & Harp Classical Soundtrack Composing Imagos:
William Blake Sweet & Tender Melodic & Emotive Music of the goddess Listen:
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To receive longer, better sounding streams, a little patience may be needed. Tips for reducing pauses with the player: Select the down arrow on the right of the player. Select  connection, and then your streaming speed. Uncheck instant on, and move the slider all the way to the right. If this works, you can move it to the middle to decreased initial delay. If this doesn’t work, hit the play arrow (which changes to a pause button), wait till the grey progress bar advances ahead a bit, then try playing. These are 3-5 minute mp3 files at 128kbs. You will need to have the free Quicktime installed of course.